Quality & Environmental

From its founding, InterstellaFP has been committed to sourcing hardwoods and veneers from partners committed to farming using environmentally-friendly, renewal processes and maintaining forestry resources and ecosystems – while providing our customers with high quality, high performance hardwood plywood and veneers.

Sustainable Forests for the Future…

Our partners manage their plantations to ensure that their farms use environmentally-friendly practices and do not contribute to the depletion of old-growth forests. Research has developed innovative solutions that are both environmentally responsible and cost-effective. Genetic advances produce juvenile trees with structures that mimic mature hardwood trees and, when processed, provide high quality veneers and plywood.

In addition, we work with glue manufacturers to ensure that we use glues produced using environmentally-friendly processes and that are safe for use in furniture, homes and commercial buildings.

At InterstellaFP, we understand that forest products are a renewable source that must be managed through responsible, sustainable farming. We are stewards of these resources and monitor with our partners worldwide so that they adhere to the latest practices in forest management.

With Quality Assurance

Our suppliers utilize cutting-edge practices to grow hardwoods that meet the demanding quality standards required by the U.S. market. We understand the changing needs of our customers. Our team works with our supply partners to provide high quality raw materials and manufacture high performance hardwood plywood and veneers. Whether you need plywood for furniture or cabinets, or veneers for paneling, InterstellaFP can provide the product and quality that meets your requirements.

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