Pre-Laminated Veneer Core

The thickness of each ply will be around 3.5mm, either full popular or mixed with hardwood, laminated with 0.3mm B/C face/back. Offers a ultra-flat surface and usually will be of 5 ply for 3/4", 3 ply for 1/2" and 1 ply for 1/4". This structure will be a good choice for high-end furniture.

5 Ply Short Grain Calibrated Platform

The ply thickness and qty will be the same as the 5 ply long grain, just the top layers will use 2.7mm 3-joint short grain pine ply.

9 & 11 Ply

For 9 & 11 ply core, the thickness of each ply will be between 1.8mm-2.5mm, which make full-use of the natural characteristics of long grain and short grain to produce and extra stable structure. This core is put into the hot press two times which helps adhere to a strict thickness tolerance. Our high-end 9& 11 ply will also be a good choice for projects require better edge features such as cabinetry.

CFC Core

CFC Core is regarded as our premium core, which will be the perfect solution to those that require much flatter surface and less weight. Like kitchen cabinet doors, boxes, and furniture tops. This core is produced similar to our veneer core products except there is a 2.7mm CFC layer under the face veneer.


MDF core features an even density profile and a smooth, flawless surface that allows for east and smooth cutting. Ultra light and standard MDF are both available.


Particle board can bring a similar surface as MDF core, while it is more welcomed for its cost-effective features and lighter weight.  While for projects that require better screw holding abilities, it might not be a good option.

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