Reliable vendors from world wide sources

Our quality control team on the ground overseas closely monitors every step of the raw material procurement process. From the seeds being planted to the logs being delivered to our mills. Our mills are using the top-of-the-line German manufacturing equipment to peel and splice our logs. Our core products is inspected every step of the process.

Build in Lab to guarantee the quality

Interstella has onsite testing labs at every overseas mill. Our mill in Houston, Texas has a quality-control testing lab onsite where we randomly pull sheets during the production process to test and make sure they meet the highest quality standards.

Shorter Lead Time

Our lead times are very flexible because we keep a major inventory of different veneers, core types, and thicknesses. With sufficient raw materials in stock, Interstella will be able to deliver every custom order within a reasonable timeframe.

Wide Range of Products

At Interstella we don't just produce playwood in our Houston, Texas mill, we also market imported plywood from all over the world. Our imported plywood is conveniently located in Houston, TX and Baltimore, MD.

Automatic Production Line

Our fully-automated production line allows us to provide high-quality products at competitive costs.

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